On Tap! Encore Kombucha Bar opens second location in Richland

Encore Wellness 4 Life + Kombucha BAR opened a new location at 616 the Parkway.

RICHLAND, Wash. – Encore Wellness 4 Life + Kombucha BAR just opened a second location in the Richland Parkway.

The popular kombucha bar that first opened in Kennewick is now expanding into a self-serve kombucha station at the Parkway.

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The owner says all their kombucha is locally sourced here in the Tri-Cities and Pacific Northwest.

"We have SOMA, we have Steensland Family Kombucha, which is very renowned here in the area. Hum Kombucha is out of Bend, Oregon. We have Bliss, which is a beverage that has CBD in it from Bend, Oregon as well and Bare Culture out of Coeur d’Alene Idaho,” said Mark Keith, owner and lifestyle paramedic at Encore Wellness 4 Life.

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“We've brought all the top people in that make kombucha and have them in a self-serve this time, so you can come in and taste and do it on your own," he said.

Encore Wellness 4 Life + Kombucha BAR will be celebrating their grand opening in Richland on Tuesday June 19.

The celebration is open to the public and you stop by and learn about kombucha and CBD. They’re also offering free tastings and a kombucha growler fill for half off.

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“It's called the ancient elixir,” Keith said. “Kombucha originated in the Chinese dynasty, then it came to Russia in the 60s and 70s and Dr. Kombu named it Kombucha. In the 1990s, it came to America and was introduced into the health food stores and now you can find it at the grocery stores.”

The owner said Encore is the largest growler selection in the United States.

Kombucha is low in sugar and carbs and balances the probiotics in the gut, he said, and it can help reduce acid reflux and improve the digestive system.

"Some drink it for inflammation, they say it helps the pain in their joints,” Keith said. “We all so have kids who drink it to help digest their food.”

In addition to kombucha, Encore also offers CBD supplements.

"The CBD selection is unique because we like to focus on the CBDs that work in the body without the psychoactive effect,” Keith said. “These are a dietary supplement, not a medication.”

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“CBD helps balance the body and offers a lot of benefits,” he explained. “We have seizure patients, children with autism, or people who suffer from chronic pain use them to help them get off opioids per their doctor's requirements."

Encore Wellness 4 Life is a team of nurse practitioners and now a functional medicine doctor.

Starting July 1, Dr. Smith will offer different therapies at the Richland location, such as low-dose allergy dosing, bio-identical hormones, urology compounding, topical solutions for pain, custom thyroid, different IV's, and a whole spectrum of services.

"The unique thing about coming to Encore is that each of our employees are trained medically,” Keith said. “When you come into the store, professionals can teach you about the benefits of Kombucha and CBD and more.”

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