Pasco Bond is now passing by three votes

Pasco Bond is now passing by three votes

PASCO, Wash. -- More votes have been counted since election day, and the new numbers are making quite the nail biter out of the Pasco school bond proposal.

The bond now has the supermajority it needs, but it's only passing by three votes. And of course that could still change again as more ballots trickle in.

What's now an empty field of sage brush and tumble weed could become the campus of two new Pasco schools.

But the fate of these and two other new schools lies in the hands of the voters.

“Last night we were all together watching the results, watching the news,” said Ashley Fischer, volunteer for the Pasco Citizens for Better Schools Committee.

On election night, the $99.5 million bond came in just shy of the supermajority it needed to pass.

“It's been a little bit crazy,” Fischer said. “We've all just been waiting for each day to see that number change. So we were excited last night when we saw that we finally passed that sixty percent.”

“People think that your votes don't matter,” Fischer said. “They think with everybody out there voting… what's one or two votes going to make a difference? This is the best example of that that I’ve ever seen.”

With such a slim margin, only time will tell what will happen.

“The district is definitely encouraged,” District spokesperson Shane Edinger. “But there's still a lot of votes left to count.”

“I'm hopeful,” Fischer said. “I would say that I’m cautiously optimistic.”

School district leaders said no matter what happens, their community builders group will meet in December to make plans and find solutions for their overcrowding problem.

The next vote count isn't until Monday, and election results won't be finalized until November 28.

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