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Pasco City Council listens to downtown cannabis shop proposal

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The owner of a Spokane-based cannabis shop is advocating to the Pasco City Council about the possibility of opening a cannabis shop in Downtown Pasco.

Monday night, Lucky Leaf owner David Morgan spoke and answered an array of questions about his Spokane cannabis business and how it would transfer to Downtown Pasco.

"I think is difficult for a lot of people and something new like this comes with a lot of uncertainties so we're aware that there might be some protests and definitely want to open the conversation and answer any questions that they may have," said Lucky Leaf owner David Morgan.

Several of the council members were concerned about crime and homelessness continuing to be an issue in Downtown Pasco, and that a cannabis shop would only make that problem worse.

According to the Vice President of the Latin Business Association (LBA), it's also an opinion shared by some of the small business owners in the community.

"We talked with our members and a majority of our members, like 95% plus, were not in favor of it because we just feel like it's going to exacerbate that are currently there," said LBA VP Leo Perales. "We got a huge homelessness problem there in Downtown Pasco, we have in plain view, in plain sight, in the middle of the day doing drugs, shooting up heroin and stuff like that so we feel like we need to get stuff like that addressed before we bring in the marijuana-type business. So right now it doesn't fit the character of the downtown."

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Perales stated the focus of the LBA is continuing to make Downtown Pasco feel family friendly.

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