Pasco considers allowing fireworks after lengthy ban

Pasco considers allowing fireworks after lengthy ban

PASCO, Wash. - City Council is considering to allow the use of fireworks for the City of Pasco, following a more than 20-year ban.

City leaders said Pasco, along with Franklin County and the City of Kennewick passed the ordinances prohibiting the use of personal fireworks in 1996.

The ordinance was passed due to a significant amount of wildfires and structure fires during the firework sale period, from June 28 to July 5.

Leaders said many of the fires were caused by the use of illegal fireworks. Fireworks often landed at vegetation and on roofs of buildings.

City staff is discussing an option to allow limited "Consumer Use Fireworks" in Pasco, to help prevent customers from purchasing unsafe fireworks from outside the city, for use in the city.

Leaders expressed the ban has not been effective in keeping the community safe over the Fourth of July holiday, and limiting the amount of possible violations would allow police to address serious fireworks violations.

If approved by City Council, the selling of certain fireworks would be allowed within city limits.

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