Pasco Fire Department delivers pizzas for a special cause

Pasco Fire Department delivers pizzas for a special cause

PASCO, Wash. — When it comes to raising awareness the Pasco Fire Department paired with, and even delivered for, Domino's Pizza to spread the word about Fire Prevention Week Tuesday.

Ben Shearer said the Pasco Fire Department sees far too many preventable kitchen fires.

To rewards folks for cooking safely, Shearer's fire truck delivered lunch with information and a challenge.

He wanted folks to show him how prepared they really are.

Other than checking kitchen's for apparent fire danger, Shearer said he was hoping to find opportunities to help, and educate, the Pasco community.

"I mean I never want people to have non-functioning alarms, but what I'm hoping is we'll get there and they'll say 'yeah come on in, check my alarms' and we'll go to test them and they won't work. And people will see that they weren't living as safe as they thought they were."

Shearer said this is the first year Pasco Fire has teamed with Domino's but he hopes he can keep people on their toes by making it a yearly tradition.

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