Pasco PD: Saturday armed robbery could have been avoided

Pasco PD: Saturday armed robbery could have been avoided

PASCO, Wash. — Police from Richland and Pasco teamed up to apprehend a woman and man they said is responsible for an armed robbery in Richland.

The victim told police he met up with them near 2610 N. Columbia Center Blvd. around 9 p.m. to buy a car.

After exchanging the amount they'd previously agreed on, the woman pulled out a black, semi-automatic handgun and demanded he hand over the rest of his money.

Police said no shots were fired and they drove off.

Pasco Police eventually spotted the car and arrested the two in parking lot of Jack-in-the-Box and Exxon Station on Court Street.

Pasco Police Department's Sgt. Bradley Gregory said if the victim had arranged to meet his would-be assailants in a well-lit parking lot with other people around, like the one they were eventually caught in, his night could have turned out differently,

"Bad guys want to take you someplace where nobody else can see."

Sgt. Gregory said crimes like this are frequent enough they've installed a Safe Exchange Zone in front of the Pasco Police Station,

He said if you need to meet someone you've never met before, this is a good place to do it,

"During regular business hours we've got police cars coming in an out, we've got people off-duty coming in and out. During the daytime, there's a lot of business going through the building so this is a relatively monitored place."

The sergeant said the parking lot outside the guard's hut at the Pasco Courthouse is another good spot, but anywhere there are other people is fine,

"Don't go behind a building somewhere to make an exchange because that's when bad things happen."

Gregory said if you're uncomfortable with the location someone you've never met is suggesting to meet, you should say so,

"Don't invite them to your house. Don't go to their house. Come and meet them at a nice little place like this. We're right here."

If they insist, trust your gut; if something doesn't feel right, don't show up.

Safe Exchange Zone

  • 215 W. Sylvester St., Pasco, Wash.
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