Pasco Police: Help your holiday guests drink responsibly

Pasco Police: Help your holiday guests drink responsibly

PASCO, Wash. — Sgt. Scott Warren with the Pasco Police Department said most of the calls coming in this weekend involved people drinking too much and starting fights.

He said domestic disturbances usually slow down with the first cold snap.

Unfortunately, he told Action News it's not too long before cabin fever sets in,

"It's cold. Holidays. Alcohol sometimes. That's just a perfect storm. Nobody can go outside, so they sit inside and drink ... bad things come of that."

The sergeant said holiday parties where alcohol gets served are especially loaded.

So what's a host to do?

Warren said it's similar to when bars let customers have too much to drink,

"You over-serve somebody, you run the risk of being held liable if they go out."

He suggests keeping a bowl near the front door for your guest's keys. The host needs to monitor who is coming and going anyway.

But what does he suggest we do to head off family drama?

"If you're having a party and you know so-and-so within the family has an issue when he drinks, make sure he's not drinking alcohol. Or discuss it with him."

Recovering alcoholic Arturo T. of Pasco said he thinks the holidays are a perfect time to discuss concerns with a family member's drinking,

"This is the time to advise him to look for help, into the groups or with a professional."

Arturo said love is often the only thing that can get through to an addict,

"It's very difficult. Very difficult for someone who is already deeply into the disease to realize what the problem is."

He said if they're not open to talking, at least you've planted the idea.

Let them know when you're ready.

Warren said eithe way, it's up to the host to know when to cut somebody off, and when to call them a cab.

"Use common sense, Remember why you're there, its a get together to celebrate. Don't drink too much and then make a bad decision."

Sgt. Warren said if your neighbors party looks like it's getting out of hand, a quick call to the non-emergency dispatch line is all it takes. You can stay anonymous while keeping the streets safe.

To report something suspicious in your area:

  • Benton County non-emergency dispatch: (509) 628-0333
  • Franklin County non-emergency dispatch: (509) 545-3510
  • Umatilla County non-emergency dispatch: (541) 966-3650, option 1
  • Walla Walla County non-Emergency dispatch: (509) 527-3265

If someone you know struggles with alcoholism and are ready to ask for help, you can contact the local Alcoholics Anonymous:

  • English: (509) 582-6761
  • Spanish: (509) 543-9924
  • 24-hour hotline: (509) 735-4086

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