Burglars steal high-end tools from Franklin County Shops, police looking for suspects

Stolen tools included high-end commercial ratchets and torque wrenches, all like-new, all Snap-On or Matco brands, all engraved "FC1" or "FC2".

PASCO, Wash. – Employees for Franklin County Shops walked into work this morning to find all their gear rummaged through and high-end tools stolen. Now Pasco police are looking for the thieves that got way.

The Franklin county employees tell me it was a forceful break in, but the thieves were very deliberate in what they took.

"It seems like they knew what they were doing,” said Matt Mahoney, Franklin County Public Works director. “It doesn't appear that this was their first time."

Mahoney was disturbed to find out someone forced their way in and burglarized the county's mechanic shop Monday night at Stearman Ave. and Argent Rd. in Pasco.

“All the employees, we here more than we are at home,” Mahoney said. “I think you feel just as violated."

Mechanics reported to police that numerous high-end, commercial ratchets and torque wrenches were stolen from their brand-new tool boxes.

"Mainly Matco and Snap On tools which are pretty spendy," Pasco Police Sgt. Scott Warren said.

"These aren’t' tools you can buy at the local, these are special order tools,” Mahoney added. "We're probably talking about the five-grand range, so $5,000."

During the break in, Manhoney and his crew say the burglars cut through their back chain-link fence, kicked the back door in, tore through all their closets and tool boxes and made out like bandits, stealing county property paid for with tax dollars and personal tools too.

But Mahoney said he's grateful the situation wasn't worse.

"We have cleaning crews that come in and god forbid that somebody walks in in the middle of a theft, so that scares me as well," Mahoney said.

The Franklin County Shop doesn't have any surveillance footage, so police are looking for more leads.

"We're asking the community if anyone comes across some brand new looking type of Matco or SnapOn tools that have lettering FC1 and FC2 to give us a call," Sgt. Warren said.

Manoney said the shop is making the appropriate security changes so a break in like this isn't possible.

"That's why it's important now that we do everything we can to try to assure that this doesn’t happen in the future," Mahoney said.

If you have any info about this burglary or the current location of these stolen tools, you are urged to call Pasco Police at (509)545-3421 weekdays, or Dispatch at (509) 545-3510 nights and weekends, or email Officer Chad Acock at about case PP18-08228 Burglary.

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