Pasco police take crime scene investigations to new dimension

Pasco police take crime scene investigations to new dimension

PASCO, Wash. -- From traffic collisions to murders, crime scene investigations will no longer be the same in the city of Pasco.

Action News got an inside look a brand new technology that will cut down on investigation time, increase accuracy and help police keep you safe.

A cell phone snap or video can set the scene, but detectives tell us new technology is helping Pasco police take transparency to a whole dimension.

“All these citizens and all these juries want to see what it looked like,” said Pasco Police’s evidence technician Ashley Lucas, adding “This machine will give citizens the ability to walk through a scene as we see it.”

FARO Focus, Pasco PD's newest high tech tool kit, gives detectives a way to recreate a crime scene with 3D-images.

“It gives us a really interesting perspective that we haven't been able to do before,” said detective Jonathan Davis.

Davis put this into perspective for us, pointing the handled scanner at a podium and motorcycle like they would to a car or body at a crime scene. In just a couple of minutes, a 3D image appeared.

“We present that image to a jury and put them in the crime scene so they can feel and see and move things and that's exactly how it was,” said Davis.

360 degrees of shooting lasers take exact dimensions and even object measurements in a fraction of the time.

“If we were going to scan this room, depending if you are going to use color and add GPS, I'd say it would take 20 minutes,” said Lucas, adding “The handheld one we do in increments of a minute and thirty seconds.”

That compared to the hours it typically takes a team of detectives to size up the scene.

Reporter: Is this giving officers less work, what does this mean?

Lucas: This is actually giving us more work. It's making us work harder, we are able to see things and find things that we weren't able to before.

Before, you would tamper with evidence by picking it up or moving it. However, if a car or body is scanned like this motorcycle detectives demonstrate how you are able to see under, over and all around it.

Detectives say ultimately, this technology is allowing them to show all angels of the straight up facts to make a clear cut case against a criminal.

The Pasco police department is the only department in the Tri-Cities with this new technology at this point.

However, Richland police says all three of the departments are great about pooling resources. The captain tells action news; they plan to team up and use FARO if there is a large crime scene in their city.

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