Pasco's 4th Annual Cardboard Regatta proves some sink and some swim

cardboard boat.PNG

If you like boats and you like building things, Pasco's Cardboard Regatta is for you.

Families cheered each other on at the 4th Annual Cardboard Regatta which took place at the Pasco memorial pool. some sank, some swam, and occasionally a boat made it across the pool.

One of the sailors told us about building his boat with his cousins.

"Well we started out and we were having fun I guess and then after a while we were just like ugh can we finish this?” said Diego Garza, boat maker. “And then we just threw the plastic bag on it."

Unfortunately, Diego and his cousins didn't make it too far. Winners took home some free swim passes for the Pasco Memorial Pool.

Event organizers say they are looking for sponsors for next year's event.

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