PNW Agriculture Industry Expo: a place for ag-businesses to network

PASCO, Wash. — The Washington Ag Network hosted it's second Ag Industry Expo (AGIE) at Pasco's TRAC today.

Organizers say they started the Pacific Northwest AGIE to give our local Ag Industry its own networking opportunities.

Program Director Glenn Vaagen said the Washington Ag Network was launched to tell the story of how agriculture impacts everybody in Eastern Washington on a daily basis.

He said it's easy to forget that agriculture is a multi-billion dollar industry here in the Columbia Basin,

"It's really nice this time of year, the waters been turned off, most of the harvest is done. This is a good opportunity for businesses to do business with each other."

Vaagen said they're already planning the next PNW AGIE, and details will follow on their social media.

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