Police and District tour Pasco schools to find security risks

Police and District tour Pasco schools to find security risks

PASCO, Wash. - Pasco School District Leaders said they're walking through every school in the district with area first responders this week to make sure they're as secure as possible.

School District Operations Director Randy Nunamaker told Action News the safety of their students comes first.

"There are trainings [going] on, drills once a month. This is ongoing," he said.

Nunamaker said the district is joining forces with Pasco Police to get a sense of precautions that need to be taken to keep children safe.

Sgt. Warren with Pasco Police said law enforcement officers and schools are working hand-in-hand because safety tech is always advancing.

"They've asked us to partner with them and we're glad to partner with them to make sure the kids are safe," the sergeant said.

Police are expected to examine each school from top to bottom, checking entrances and going over evacuation protocols.

"Can we improve it or is it already at its best?" explained Warren. "If it needs improvement, what can we improve on?"

Nunamaker said the district and first responders go into it with the same goal.

"How do we reduce or eliminate the potential for any kind of emergency response we need to put together?" he said. "What's the response from the first responders going to look like? What do they need and what do they see that could benefit them?"

He said each tour is a little different.

"Even our schools that look similar, the site could be different. So each one of those has to be taken into consideration."

He said they use the tours to review weaknesses and strengths, as well as possible improvements.

Previous tours led to some of the 2017 Bond going specifically to the security foyers they're adding to 11 Pasco schools.

“Times change, and so I’m sure 20 years from now when they build a new school, it’ll probably be different than what we’re doing now,” Warren saiid.

The Pasco School District invites the community to participate in a panel to discuss their findings.

Parents are invited to share any suggestions or concerns about school safety and security.

The discussion starts at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 22 at the Pasco Police Department Training Center, 204 West Clark Street.

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