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Police issue 857 infractions from red-light cams in one month

Police issue 857 infractions from red-light cams in one month
Police issue 857 infractions from red-light cams in one month
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It's been one month since Pasco Police started issuing infractions from the red-light cameras at two busy intersections around the city.

The city installed red light cameras at North Road 68 and Burden Blvd and at W Court St and N 20th Ave. The cameras started issuing infractions on August 19.

Since then 857 drivers have been issued infractions.

“Ultimately the goal is to reduce accidents at these intersections, not to raise money,” said Jon Funfar, communications director for the City of Pasco.

Each infraction costs the violator $125 dollars. In total, the infractions have brought in $107,125.

“We want people to see that and realize that oh there is a consequence for running a red light,” said Capt. Jeff Harpster with Pasco police.

The city has a contract with a company called Redflex. It charges a monthly fee. The money brought in from the cameras must first pay the monthly fee. All other money from the infractions is put into a traffic safety fund.

“It can't go for other general fund items so it has to go to improving traffic conditions around the city,” Funfar said.

Money in the traffic safety fund could pay for extra traffic officers to patrol intersections, or remodels to dangerous intersections in Pasco. Every decision must be approved by city council.

“We're seeing that there absolutely is an issue at those intersections with red light violations,” said Capt. Harpster.

Over half of all the infractions came from the southbound lanes on Road 68, according to Pasco police.

Capt. Harpster said they can't tell yet if the cameras have reduced the number of crashes.

Rear-end crashes at the intersections have not increased, according to Capt. Harpster.

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The data from the red-light cameras is checked by four separate people. The first three work for Redflex, the last is a Pasco police officer.

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