Kennewick police K9 finds suspected church burglar

Police K9 finds church trespasser

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Police have arrested a teen who trespassed into Iglesias Tri-Cities Church, setting off two alarms.

Kennewick police said burglary alarms went off at the church, located at 221 S. Benton Street around 2:46 a.m. Monday.

The K9 police officer and his partner Axel went out to investigate and not long after, police said Axel was able to find 19-year-old Randall S. Norblad-Jones.

Investigators said the suspected burglar was able to enter the church through an unlocked basement window.

Police arrested Norblad-Jones and took him to Benton County Jail on two counts of trespassing.

Police detectives said nothing inside the church looked to be missing or damaged in the incident.

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