Police say better weather causing more speeders on the road

TRI-CITIES, Wash. --The weather may be changing, but police say safe driving habits shouldn't.

Pasco Police told Action News, they’re seeing in uptick in reckless driving.

"People are driving a lot faster because there are nice sunny days. There's no ice or water on the roads. Things don't change. You still have to follow the traffic laws," said Sgt. Brad Gregory of the Pasco Police Department.

Police say there are dangers of going over the speed limit, even by just a little.

"Drivers that are driving too fast, they can't stop as easily. If you were to just go out and specifically get into a car and drive 25 mph-on the breaks you will stop in a certain distance. If you add five mph, it’s going to go farther," said Gregory.

Police said that small difference could be costly, especially with more people out and about.

"There are people crossing the street across the crosswalk and not paying attention because they're enjoying the good weather," added Gregory.

Officials said it's up to both drivers and pedestrians to be aware on the roads.

Sgt. Gregory said the speeding dangers aren't just in one spot.

"Oh it's everywhere. There are certain areas we are aware of where people will speed and we patrol those as much as we can," said Gregory.

But they can’t patrol everywhere, so it’s up to you to follow the rules of the road.

Police say if they do pull you over for speeding, it’s $136,

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