Police: Take a close look, do you recognize this man?

Police: Take a close look, do you recognize this man?

TRI-CITIES, Wash. — Police from both Pasco and Kennewick are teaming up to catch a bandit they're calling armed and dangerous.

The law enforcement agencies are releasing images from the Saturday afternoon robbery in Pasco, hoping you'll recognize the man with the gun.

They said just after 1:30 Saturday afternoon, an armed and masked man told the clerk at the Nob Hill Market on Gum St. in Kennewick to 'get inside'.

When the clerk refused, the masked man took off.

The man is described as an English-speaking Hispanic man, between 5-foot-3 and 5-foot-4 inches tall, wearing a dark colored hoodie and grey or silver pants.

Police said just 30 minutes later, Sky Market on 8th Ave. and A-Street in Pasco was robbed.

This assailant was also wearing a mask, and holding a gun.

Sgt. Brad Gregory with Pasco Police said he wants folks to look closely at the pictures they're releasing.

"We're hoping that someone recognizes this person," he said. "I realize they're kind of hiding their features, but still, if you know this person you're going to see their face and probably recognize them. That's the best help we could have."

The sergeant added if you come across a robbery in progress, don't intervene.

Just call 911.

Officer Aaron Hamel from Kennewick Police Department said he can't confirm the incidents are connected to earlier armed-robberies in the area, but said he also wants drivers to pay attention to gas stations and call in anything suspicious.

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