PPD: Call dispatch, not 911, for non-emergencies

PPD: Call dispatch, not 911, for non-emergencies

PASCO, Wash — Area police are reminding the community to only dial 911 if it's an actual emergency.

Sergeant Brian Vaught told Action News they have a limited amount of dispatchers, but they rarely have to prioritize calls.

He said they try to get to all calls in a timely manner.

But, he adds, when it comes right down to it, emergencies take precedence and dispatchers need to send help to the people in danger first.

"If we can help them in any way we certainly want to do that," said the sergeant. "They're that first line in getting emergency services to people so we want to make sure they can do their job efficiently, and help them whenever we can."

While Sgt. Vaught is with Pasco Police, the request also applies to other agencies.

Area non-emergency dispatch contacts:

  • Benton County non-emergency dispatch: (509) 628-0333
  • Franklin County non-emergency dispatch: (509) 545-3510
  • Grant County non-emergency dispatch: (509) 762-1160 / (888) 431-9911
  • Umatilla County non-emergency dispatch: (541) 966-3650, option 1
  • Walla Walla County non-emergency dispatch: (509) 527-3265
  • Yakima County non-emergency dispatch: (509) 575-6200
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