Protocol for safety: Run, hide, fight


RICHLAND, Wash. - Students at Washington State University Tri-Cities are learning what to do if there's ever an active shooter on campus.

The school hosted a safety course on a run, hide, fight protocol.

The training is offered every year to increase safety involving students, school staff as well as police and fire-fighters who are the first responders in the event of an emergency.

Police and fire officials said during a shooting situation individuals should run out of site or remain hidden with all doors locked.

However, Richland police said its extremely important to know your surroundings at all times.

Officers say when calling in an emergency it's crucial to be as descriptive as possible with information in order for them to find the immediate threat.

"Once we get here the only thing that really changes is the geography so if an active shooter or whatever the situation happens to be our tactics are going to remain pretty consistent," said Capt. Mike Cobb.

Richland police said it's an awareness issue that students need to know.

Cobb said look to an emergency responder to assist you and for direction in order for a successful outcome.

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