Public Hearing to discuss new sex designation on birth certificates

Public Hearing

TUMWATER, Wash. -- The Department of Health will conduct a public hearing regarding the proposed addition of a third option for sex designation on the birth certificate on Tuesday afternoon.

On October 31, 2017, DOH filed a CR-102, Proposed Rule Making, to consider adopting a new rule (WAC 246-490-075) that would add a new sex designation on birth certificates.

The proposed rule includes requirements for individuals to request a change to the sex designation on their birth certificate.

The proposed rule would replace the current department procedure with some modifications. These modifications include removing the requirement for medical verification for adults making a request, expanding the number of providers who can verify the gender change for minors, and adding X as an approved sex designation option.

The public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday at 1-5 pm.

DOH will also “Live” stream the public hearing. Go to View public hearing on the DOH website.

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