Rep. Newhouse introduces bill to name post office after fallen Richland Marine

Rep. Newhouse introduces bill to name post office after fallen Richland Marine

WEST RICHLAND, Wash. -- A Washington lawmaker wants to honor fallen Richland Marine, Sergeant Dietrich Schmieman.

Schmieman was killed in a cargo plane crash in Mississippi last July along with 15 other service members.

On Friday Representative Dan Newhouse introduced legislation to name the West Richland Post Office after Schmieman.

Made in the Pacific Northwest--Sgt. Schmieman had those words proudly written in ink on his body.

“Dietrich loved living in the pacific northwest,” his father, Eric Schmieman, said. “He remained close to his friends in the Pacific Northwest, regardless of where in the world he was serving.”

And now the entire Washington delegation in the House of Representatives is supporting the bill to name just a piece of the area he loved so much, after him.

“He had a positive influence on everyone he came into contact with,” Newhouse said. “And a life full of potential.”

Eric said he didn't know what Newhouse would say when he asked to meet last month.

“We were surprised,” Eric said. “And of course it's a great honor for Dietrich, but I like to also think that it's an honor for the other 15 people who were on that flight, and in fact everyone who's served in our military.”

Newhouse said our country owes Schmieman a debt of gratitude for his sacriface and service.

“Today we have an all-voluntary military,” Eric said. “And it's important to recognize the people that feel so strongly about our country that they will serve it in this manner.”

Eric said he looks forward to hopefully someday seeing the Sergeant Dietrich Schmieman Post Office.

“I'll drive to the post office often, I think,” he said.

To see the region he loved so much, carrying his name.

The legislation will now go to the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and then on to a vote.

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