Rescuers dispatched to Palouse Falls for missing person

Rescuers dispatched to Palouse Falls for missing person

PALOUSE FALLS, Wash. -- The Franklin County Sheriff's Office said rescue crews continue their search for a man witnesses said fell into Palouse Falls from the cliffs above on Thursday afternoon.

Deputies and First responders are still at the scene searching.

Just before 1 p.m. authorities received a call to 911 about a hiker who fell into the falls.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office told Action News they believe they're searching for a 26 year old man from the Kennewick area.

Authorities said the man was hiking with friends on the rim above the falls when he slipped and fell several feet into the pool of water at the base of the falls.

Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond said though we've already see two incidents at the falls this year, it's no more than usual.

“It’s terrible to see these types of accidents happen," Raymond said. "There’s an obvious draw to the falls because it is a beautiful thing, it’s quite the wonder. But as you’re hiking around the rims of it, you look at all the signs and they warn you about the danger."

Dive rescue and other County first responders are at the scene to aid in the search.

Action News witnessed rangers closing Palouse Falls State Park to visitors after being opened for just one week since the last tragedy.

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