Retired teacher, education association weigh in on president's proposal to arm teachers

Recently President Donald Trump spoke about arming some teachers with firearms as a way to increase school safety.

It's been more than a week since 17 people died during the mass shooting at a Florida high school.

Since then, the topic of gun control and school safety has been a hot topic.

President Donald Trump spoke on Thursday about arming some teachers with firearms as a way to increase school safety, saying that “if they have the aptitude, I think a concealed permit for having teachers, and letting people know that there are people in the building with guns, you won't have - in my opinion - you won't have these shootings because these people are cowards.”

President Trump also suggested giving bonuses to armed teachers.

However, there are those who aren’t fans of the idea, including retired teacher Daves Speakes, who taught for several years in the Kennewick School District.

He says he's not against people having guns, but believes having them in schools would only make a bad situation worse.

"You're not going to have time to unlock some box somewhere, get it out of a closet, to be very effective. That's why it's just the wrong direction to go.”

Speakes isn't the only one against the idea. Washington Education Association spokesperson Rich Wood says the president's proposal is not a solution: "We should not be arming teachers or other school employees. Putting guns into schools is not going to keep our students safe."

Wood says many of the recent proposals for arming teachers are coming from people that haven't worked in public schools.

"That has really frustrated a lot of the teachers that I’ve talked to because they know that's not a solution. It's not something that they're asking for,” he says.

The suspected shooter Nikolas Cruz has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder.

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