Richland City Council not moving forward with pot talks


    RICHLAND, Wash.-- The ban on marijuana dispensaries in Richland will stay in place, for now.

    On Tuesday night, city council members held a special workshop to discuss marijuana and it appears there won't be future discussions anytime soon.

    The council only needed about an hour of their scheduled two-hour time slot to conclude this is not an item they want to have on a future agenda.

    Council members agreed if they were to vote on an advisory ballot, a majority of the current city council would not support it at this point.

    Richland City Councilman Brad Anderson says, "The Libertarian side of me believes everybody is free to be their own person, and to be free to do what they want, but until this changes at a federal level, I think it's a waste of time."

    Lead Petitioner with “Legalize Richland” Andrue Ott says, "The momentum is there, this particular path may be a dead end, regardless of how this turns out, we're going to campaign hard against certain council members and try to enact change that way."

    Council members took up the discussion after a group called "Legalize Richland" turned in over 4,000 signatures last year for a petition to repeal Richland’s moratorium on pot stores.

    The petition failed after the city found it invalid due to a Washington State zoning law.

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