Richland City Council to discuss recreational marijuana at workshop

Richland City Council to discuss recreational marijuana.

RICHLAND, Wash.-- The Richland City Council is starting discussion about recreational marijuana and it's causing quite the controversy.

Tuesday’s meeting was a packed house, mostly with supporters of the group "Legalize Richland" and some opponents of recreational pot.

Supporters have been working to get the ban on marijuana businesses in the city lifted, by bringing forward a petition.

Despite gathering enough signatures on their petition, it was struck down by the city attorney, who deemed it invalid.

The city attorney says while reviewing the petition, which was supposed to go before the city council tonight, she discovered some flaws in her legal review.

She says it's not about the marijuana, but about the city's zoning code.

Supporters of “Legalize Richland” say they want the item to go to a vote of the people.

Ryan Cooper says, "People are finding out and they are furious that these bozos want to keep people from voting on this issue, that's embarrassing. We don't need a workshop, we don't need, just let people vote on it, period, end of story. "

The Richland City Council will be having a workshop to discuss recreational marijuana in the City of Richland.

A specific date has not been determined yet.

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