Richland developers plan to convert old office space into multi-family apartments

Boost Builds recently bought two multi-story buildings along Jadwin Ave. in Richland for just over $1 million.

RICHLAND, Wash. – A Richland company has set out to bring more people back to the downtown area.

A private local company called Boost Builds recently purchased two multi-story buildings along Jadwin Ave.

One structure is a seven-story building, which has been completely vacant since 2011 and under-utilized since 2009.

“So, we’re really excited to see something going on in central Richland,” said Zach Ratkai, economic development manager for the City of Richland.

The developers look to convert the old office building into apartment style housing.

This is a part of town that is currently dominated by businesses or abandoned altogether.

Richland city officials said this is a fantastic opportunity for revitalizing the area.

"We definitely look forward to the impacts this will bring,” Ratkai said. “We'll see a more 24-hour presences of people in the area, which would not only help all of the small businesses here but it would also provide better opportunities for dining and entertainment."

The new land owners told Action News they envision constructing a loft-like, multi-family apartment, adding more critical mass to the downtown Richland area.

City officials said they are ready to help mobilize to make this project a reality.

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