Richland High School art teacher's work to be featured on CBS-TV show

The paintings of Richland High School art teacher Consuelo Soto Murphy will appear on the CBS-TV show “Madam Secretary” beginning Sunday night Jan. 14.

RICHLAND, Wash. – A longtime Richland High School art teacher’s work is making a big debut this weekend on a CBS-TV show.

Richland High School art teacher Consuelo Soto Murphy’s paintings will appear on “Madam Secretary” beginning Sunday night.

Murphy’s work will be seen in the character Kat Sandoval’s office, which is played by Sara Ramirez.

The show was looking for a Hispanic artist, Murphy said, because the character Kat is a new politician, but previously had owned orchards. So her artwork will be used to decorate Kat’s office.

Murphy’s parents were migrant workers who came to Washington in the 1950’s from Mexico.

Murphy said she uses her life experiences and memories as a migrant worker to create bright, beautiful images, bringing the Hispanic culture to center stage.

"I'm getting the Hispanic people known, and I'm giving them recognition that they deserve,” Murphy said. “Because they're people, working very hard to put food on the table, to put food on the nation, and they should be honored and respected."

Murphy saidit’s an honor for her artwork to be recognized for its culture and heritage.

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