Richland man held to $300,000 bail after admitting to molestation


    RICHLAND, Wash. - A Richland man is in jail after telling officers that he had molested three young girls multiple times.

    The man identified as Todd Micheal Nef taught young children in a Sunday school at a local church.

    Nef told officers he had molested three young girls from November through Christmas of 2018 at his house in Richland.

    Action news learned today after speaking with Nef's bishop that Nef received a calling to teach Sunday school at a local congregation of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints one weekend and the same day turned himself in.

    Yesterday we told you that prosecutors charged Nef with child rape and molestation after police say he confessed to touching three girls inappropriately.

    Nef pleaded not guilty to the charges and is held on a $300,000 bail.

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