Richland police seek help after public restroom vandalized at Leslie Groves Park

According to Richland City Leaders there's nearly $2,000 dollars in damages.

RICHLAND, Wash. –Park-goers who come to Leslie Groves Park, may be surprised to find out restrooms are now closed due to severe vandalism.

Richland Parks Facility manager, Shawn Harper said, “crews came out Monday and found that the partitions that had just been installed less than a month ago, had been completely ripped out from the ground, kicked in and broken.”

According to Richland City Leaders there's nearly $2,000 in damages.

“We have to mere that and order new partitions and the cost to remove the old ones and put new ones in again,” said Harper.

Richland City Leaders said this is just one of the many incidents where park bathrooms have been vandalized.

“Vandalism is definitely, on the up and so it’s getting a little tougher and tougher.”

Harper said they're now budgeting for crimes involving vandalism.

Richland city leaders say they're spending around $10,000 on a yearly basis to repair damage like this. Money, they say could be used for other things like park beautification.

“Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the only cover station that has been wrecked like this we’ve been dealing with some on the south side of Richland too, Claybell Park,” said Harper.

Action news reported on an incident that took place in August.

Lieutenant Lee said, “at this point we don’t see any connection between the two of them but at the end of the day well keep looking, well keep investigating.”

Richland Police say while the investigation continues they'll have extra patrols in the area.

For now, Richland City Police ask the community if they see something say something.

Richland's non-emergency dispatch can be reached at 509-628-0333.

Restrooms will remain closed until city officials can repair them.

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