Richland Police seeking leads after pervert flashes children playing outside

Richland Police seeking leads after pervert flashes children playing outside

Police are trying to find a man accused of exposing himself to two young girls in Richland.

It happened Wednesday afternoon in the neighborhood around Chief Joseph Middle School.

Sgt. Drew Florence told Action News RPD doesn't think anyone is in immediate danger, but they really want to catch this guy before he does it again.

"It's a lewdness issue because of what he did, but it's also a danger issue because we don't know what his intent was," he said.

Authorities said the man drove up to the girls who were playing near Stevens Drive and Wilson Street, around 3:45 p.m. Wednesday.

The man reportedly spoke with the girls while he was sitting in his car and showed his genitals to them as they approached his vehicle.

"There's no reason to approach an adult you don't know but sometimes kids are kids," said Sgt. Florence. "When someone says, 'Hey, c'mere,' they're interested."

The girls describe a Hispanic man in his mid-30's with curly hair and two moles on his face.

They said he was driving and older, tan, four-door car with an American flag sticker on the back bumper, near an orange license plate holder.

Richland mom Shelly Starr said creeps are everywhere.

"You can't judge a book by its cover, that's for sure," she sighed.

Florence said kids listen, so it's better to cover the issue now, before something happens.

"We want it passed on from adults to kids so they know what to look for and signs of, 'Hey, this isn't right,' so they can get away," he said.

Authorities said this time the victims were lucky, they did exactly what police recommend.

  • Immediately broke contact by running away
  • Quickly told a trusted adult
  • Called the police

"Kids recognize situations as not being right very fast," explained the sergeant. "They revert back to what they've been told."

Starr agrees, but said parents have to talk about it first.

"Just trust your moms judgement, your grandma's judgement, and just be careful," she said.

Police want to talk to this guy and said they're hoping somebody will recognize his description. If the pervert strikes again, they said to immediately call 911 so officers can get to the area.

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