Richland Police: watch out for Apple Store phone scam

Richland Police: watch out for Apple Store phone scam

RICHLAND, Wash. — Richland police want you to watch out for the latest wave of phone scams to hit the Tri-Cities.

Capt. Mike Cobb of the Richland Police Department said his force is sounding the alarm preemptively, before folks are tricked.

He told Action News a resident reported a call from someone claiming to be from Apple.

They called six times and told him there was a breach in "cloud security" before trying to have him speak with a "support adviser".

The phone number they were calling from was identical to the phone number for the Apple Store in Spokane, but it was not a legitimate call from Apple.

Kirstin Davis from Better Business Bureau Northwest said this is the latest form of number spoofing, where scammers spoof a number you might recognize on the caller ID.

This time they're matching more than just the area code.

Davis said most companies deal with account information through a secure phone line after you've used the touch-tone to dial your information in,

"You should never credit card information over the phone to a company you could be entering it on a secure site. If they are calling you and asking you for your credit card information over the phone that is definitely a red flag."

Leaders from Apple say they're aware of the scams and advise just hanging up.

Davis requests you take it a step further and submit it to the Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker.

She said to ignore phone calls from numbers you don't recognize, especially if you aren't expecting a call,

"If they need to get hold of you, they'll leave a voicemail. If they claim to be from a company you do business with, hang up and call the company directly."

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