Richland recycling fee to go up

photo: MGN online

RICHLAND, Wash. - Beginning in February the fee for curbside recycling will increase.

Since 2010, Richland residents have enjoyed the convenience of curbside recycling, now the cost will go up from $5.70 to $6.60 a month.

Over the years, the costs of processing recycled materials climbed and the resale markets and international exports fell.

City staff had been aware of these impacts and began informing residents of the increasing costs back in May of 2017.

Residents were later informed that a cost and market evaluation would be done in 2018, which could result in rate changes in 2019.

Richland's Utility Advisory Committee and Staff recommended to City Council that an increase was necessary.

Residents and businesses who subscribe to curbside recycling will see a monthly increase starting in February.

Residents with the standard 96-gallon blue container will see a ninety cent increase, from $5.70 to $6.60 a month, and businesses or those with a 300-gallon triple size gray container will see an increase of $2.20, from $13.90 to $16.10.

Commercial customers can view the recycling rate structure by visiting or by calling 942-7700.

Recycling drop boxes in Richland neighborhoods are still an option for those wanting to recycle, free of charge.

To locate one near you, visit

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