Richland shopper returns lost money, saves struggling family's Christmas

    Richland shopper returns lost money, saves struggling family's Christmas

    A West Richland woman reached out to Action News after an anonymous good Samaritan helped her when she dropped an envelope of money at a busy store on Thursday.

    She's calling the mysterious helper a 'Christmas angel' because it was with their help she's able to bless an entire family this holiday.

    Another Kohl's shopper Mary Coette says you can't force people to be good.

    "People need help and those who have, should. But it has to be a voluntary thing," she says.

    That's why Coette says what happened at Kohl's on Thursday is so wonderful.

    Because the gifts she and her co-workers spent the next morning wrapping almost didn't make it out of the store.

    "All these people we work with gave us this money and it was gone," Coette remembered.

    Robyn Faris manages human resources for Columbia Energy & Environmental Services (CHEES).

    She says they were buying Christmas presents for a family in need with other people's donated money.

    "Somehow I dropped the envelope full of all the cash that we'd collected for the last month from all our employees," she sighed.

    Faris said the envelope had almost $250 in it.

    Not quite a fortune, but enough to pad anyone's wallet this time of year.

    While Kohl's cashier called for help, she frantically searched for the envelope.

    That's when Kohl's store manager Jason Hoodenpyle appeared with some good news.

    He told them somebody had just turned in an envelope of money but he didn't catch a name or identity, though he recognized the woman as a 'store regular'.

    Faris says that's why she reached out to Action News, because she wants her angel to know about the miracle she was part of.

    "I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, Thank you," Faris said. "Thank you for being honest, thank you for turning that money back in, I wish I could give you a great big hug and tell you how much of a blessing it's going to be to this family."

    She says the presents are for a single mother with three children.

    Instead of toys, the woman asked for soap, toilet paper, and warm clothes for her kids.

    "That those were the most important things makes me stop and realise how lucky and blessed I am," Faris said. "Because that's not a struggle for me."

    Coette says she's thankful, too, because the mysterious hero's selfless act is blessing the lives of someone who really needed it.

    "When they can ask for something small and you can give them something big that covers that small thing, it makes you feel good," Coette said.

    Faris says she'd like to thank the anonymous Kohl's shopper, you can contact her through CHEES: Contact us.

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