Richland too: Popular Kennewick restaurant bringing second location to The Parkway

Richland too: Popular Kennewick restaurant bringing second location to The Parkway

Historic Downtown Kennewick's Foodies Brick and Mortar is putting the finishing touches on a second location in Richland.

Restaurant owners told Action News they've been looking for the perfect spot to expand for three years.

Co-owner Joanna Wilson says they jumped at the chance to buy Paper Street Brewing Company's (PSBC) location in The Parkway and they're calling the new spot Foodies Too.

Wilson owns both eateries with her husband, says their first location also filled a vacancy left by PSBC.

Rather than a good omen, she attributes it to good taste and a great location.

"It's a food-Mecca down here, it's so great to be a part of it," she explained. "We're really in the middle, it's an exciting location. Especially being on the roundabout."

Foodies Too is going in right next to the roundabout on Lee Blvd. and The Parkway.

Wilson says the aesthetic will be a little different than their Kennewick location.

"We have these amazing windows to be able to play around with," she said. "As well as a full-bar which is [for adults] 21 and over."

She said they're also adding extra hours, and a lot more seating.

"I think one of the biggest struggles we have in Downtown Kennewick is because we're so limited in our seating," she said.

The restaurateur says she's excited that folks will be able to linger and have a longer lunch instead of feeling rushed because there was a line at the door.

Wilson says the menus will be similar, though each location will have their own specials and creations.

The owners say they're hoping extended hours and craft alcohol will cultivate a fun nightlife.

If all goes according to plan, Foodies Too hopes to open in the first week of February.

Wilson says as they get closer to opening their doors they'll have a better idea, with updates on Facebook: Foodies Too.

Foodies Too

  • Where:
    -701 The Parkway, Suite A, in Richland
  • Hours:
    -Monday through Wednesday, 11 am to 9 pm
    -Thursday through Saturday, 11 am through Midnight
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