Road crews trying to overcome overwhelming task to keep roads drivable

City officials ask to only drive when you need to because eventually help is on the way.

RICHLAND, Wash. --It’s a snow storm with no promising end and city road crews are working around the clock to make sure you're safe on the road and routes are clear.

City officials say material is on deck and there are plenty of supplies to get through the storm but with additional accumulation expected their priority will stay on the main roads which means your neighborhood might get neglected.

The city of Richland said crews are driving five snows plows. The city of Kennewick said they have nine snow plows in addition to outside city contractors they called to help. While the city of Pasco has sixteen pieces of equipment on the road.

Action News asked residents throughout the Tri-Cities how you think the plowing is going so far.

“Richland is doing well regarding some of the sidewalks on the main streets being covered and regarding cleaning the freeways and so forth but we are running into dilemmas with the local smaller streets that are within the communities, “said Norma Garcia-Meraz

Richland city leaders understand some neighborhoods aren’t getting attention but to help most people main roads get more attention.

City officials are asking residents to help plow the snow on the sidewalks near their residential area and if possible, try and keep cars off streets to help road crews clear the area.

Pasco resident, Gilbert Mendoza said “the commute has been pretty bad I have been getting stuck even with my car that has a four by four it can’t get through some of the snow.

However, no matter the type of car you drive residents can agree neighborhoods and hills need all hands-on deck.

City officials ask to only drive when you need to because eventually help is on the way.

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