Rock Your Socks Run gives those with Down syndrome a chance to race

Rock your Socks Run gives those with Down syndrome a chance to be in a race

PASCO, Wash. -- Some races aren't about who's the fastest to the finish--they're about being in the race.

Runners and walkers excitedly started their race at the first-ever Rock Your Socks Run. Racers donned their craziest socks and took to the course to show support for those with Down syndrome in our community.

Race director Raquel Sampson said her daughter has Down syndrome, and she said she wanted her daughter and others with Down syndrome to be able to participate in a race.

Sampson said she didn't expect such a big turnout today--about 250 people came in support.

"A run was something that I always wanted to put on,” Sampson said. “For her and for others like her, to say, ‘hey, you can do it! You can cross a finish line, you can get a medal,’ and have it be specifically geared towards them."

Sampson said she hopes to create more awareness, support, and acceptance through the Rock Your Socks run. And she's planning on making the race a yearly event. All proceeds from today will go to the Down Syndrome Association.

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