RPD: Four adults and three juveniles arrested after guns and drugs found in Richland

narc arrest 3.jpg


Richland Police say three men, one woman, and three juveniles now face multiple charges after officers discovered narcotics and weapons in a local home.

Yesterday at 2:00 AM, Richland Police said that they received a tip of possible narcotic activity and weapon possession in the 1700 block of Fowler Street.

Police say that once inside, they found a large quantity of suspected narcotics, including marijuana and pills.

Also in the room was a loaded two-23 a-r rifle, a loaded pistol, and a large sum of money.

All items are now seized by Richland Police.

Officers now say that the adults are booked on various charges of Possession with Intent to Deliver, weapons charges, warrants and controlled substance violations.

Police say that the three juveniles will face possible charges of possession of narcotics.

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