SARC leaders raise awareness to human trafficking

She said since May of 2017, SARC has served 57-new clients from sex trafficking.

RICHLAND, Wash. - Thursday, January 11, is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day and local members at the Support, Advocacy and Resource Center woke up extra early in order to raise awareness one cup of coffee at a time.

Leaders at SARC, delivered coffee drinks to community members asking each person to take a picture and share on social media platforms in order to raise awareness.

The Executive Director at SARC, JoDee Garretson said she wants the community to know just how much activity takes place here locally.

She said since May of 2017, SARC has served 57 new clients from sex trafficking.

"It’s very important for community members to speak up if they have a concern, perhaps a youth that has multiple cellphones, multiple hotel keys, maybe they have access to cash they didn’t have before, any type of concern it’s really important you contact your local law enforcement," said Garretson.

If you have a tip or need more information on SARC, Click here.

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