Second Ki-Be student charged as adult in murder plot

Second Ki-Be Student Charged in Murder Plot

BENTON CITY, Wash. -- Prosecutors charged 16 year-old Fe Hadley with Felony Conspiracy to Commit Murder after they say she helped plan the murder of a classmate.

According to court documents, Hadley agreed to lure a teen off of campus so he could be stabbed to death.

According to detectives, Hadley admitted to her role in the planning process. Officials also say Hadley told a friend about their plan.

Bail was set at $100,000 during her first court appearance on Thursday.

Hadley pleaded not guilty to the charge. Her next court appearance is scheduled for early January.

Detectives say 16 year-old Jeremiah Cunningham was the mastermind of the murder plot.

“They put together a plan in which they were going to lure the victim behind the Ki-Be Market, where they had determined there was no camera coverage and attack the student and stab him," Sheriff’s Sgt. Bob Brockman said.

Detectives interviewed witnesses of the crime and learned that Cunningham felt anger toward the victim, after he dated a girl Cunningham had previously gone steady with, according to court documents.

Cunningham pleaded not guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Murder earlier this month.

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