Several laid off from Trios Hospital

Trios Health

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Thirty-two people, about four percent of Trios Health employees, are without a job after being laid off Thursday according to a statement released by Trios Health.

“The uncertainty brought on by the significant financial challenges and bankruptcy resulted in physicians leaving the area, patients choosing to go elsewhere for care, and minimal investment in services and physician recruitment. As a result, according to both national standards and existing patient census, the current staff at the hospital outnumbered the need,” said CEO of Trios Health, John Solheim.

In August of 2018 hospital admissions were down 25 percent compared to 2017, the number of outpatient procedures were also down 22 percent.

The Number of physicians employed by Trios Medical Group has decreased by 12 percent in the last year.

All employees who were impacted will receive severance pay.

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