Police: Six Bengal cats stolen from breeder's home in Pasco

Photo: Tina Shafer

PASCO, Wash. - Five cats are now missing after police said they were stolen from a breeder's house in Pasco.

An update from the Pasco Police Department said a house at the 2500 block of Road 88 was burglarized last Wednesday morning, June 13, resulting in six missing Bengal cats. Police said nothing else went missing from the victim's home.

Tina Shafer, a customer of the cat breeder, posted of the incident on Facebook saying most of the stolen Bengals were kittens. As of Tuesday, the post had been shared more than 13,500 times.

[Update, June 19] The breeder tells Action News one of the cats has been returned to her and five remain missing.

Pasco police are investigating this case. They are asking anyone with information to call (509)545-3421 or email Officer Mendoza at about case PP18-30225 Burglary.

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