Skaters shred at Grind 18 competition

Skaters shred at Grind 18 competition

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Some tricks landed--some didn't--but all skaters ripped at the Grind 18 Skate and Scooter Competition.

The City of Richland put on the competition to kick off the new addition of the Jeanette Taylor Skatepark that was put in earlier this year.

People registered for free and competed in the bowl jam, best trick, scooter, and pro jam competitions.

"I think it really brings a positive light to the skate park,” said Shawn Harper, City of Richland Parks and Facilities supervisor. “A lot of times the skatepark gets some negative media because we do get some vandalism and stuff here, but I think it just brings everybody together--all the kids feeling it--they start feeling the pride in the park, and that's what we're really hoping for."

Richland's new skate shop Asphalt Assault as well as other vendors pitched in to donate prizes for winners, like brand new skateboards.

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