Small fire extinguished at Hanford Site

Photo: Washington River Protection Solutions

HANFORD, Wash. - Two Hanford employees have been sent to the hospital after officials said a piece of equipment at the Hanford Site caught fire.

The Hanford Fire Department responded just before noon Thursday to the fire at the 222-S Laboratory in Hanford's 200-West Area, according to a statement from the Washington River Protection Solutions.

A Hanford employee extinguished the fire using a hand-held fire extinguisher while other employees pulled the alarm and called 911. The fire department confirmed the fire was out within a few minutes of arrival.

Surveys confirmed there was no toxic contamination due to this incident, according to the statement.

Roughly 250 employees evacuated the laboratory and were sent to air-conditioned office buildings.

Authorities said one employee was taken to Kadlec Medical Center with symptoms of heat stress and later reported symptoms of respiratory irritation. Another employee was taken to Kadlec after reporting symptoms of respiratory irritation.

Hanford officials say employees have returned to work in the laboratory as of 3:15 p.m., Thursday.

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