Snow and ice causes roofing problems in Tri-Cities

    Icicles can signal a bigger problem on your roof. <p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    The snow we've seen is more than some roofs here are equipped for.

    If you have signs of roofing issues its best to take care of it before things get worse.

    An estimator at Royal Roofing in Pasco says a good way to tell if you have roof problems is if you have bad icicles forming. He says that can signal an ice dam, which can lead to big problems.

    Ice dams are formed by heat coming to the roof from a home’s attic. The snow on the top of the roof melts and travels down a roof under the snow. As it travels further that water will reach parts of the roof that are cold and will freeze. This can cause water to back up under the shingles of a roof, which causes leaks.

    "If you want to remove the snow from your roof and you don't have the scales, the proper equipment or the insurance to go up on your roof and remove that snow, just hire a professional,” said Ignasio Cardenas from Royal Roofing. “It's worth paying whatever it is they're charging instead of you getting hurt.”

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