Some Tri-Cities parents upset districts didn't cancel school today

    Some Tri-Cities parents upset districts didn't cancel school today

    Concerned parents contacted Action News through email and social media to say they thought Tri-Cities school districts messed up Tuesday.

    They told us more than 300 accidents and the deepest snow we’ve seen this season warrant more than a two-hour delay.

    Richland mother Jennie Winters says she’s upset school wasn’t cancelled, and wants to know why.

    She says Richland schools haven’t used a single snow-day this year so district officials probably weren’t trying to ration them.

    "It's February and it wasn't closed,” she said. “So a lot of parents would like to know why, what criteria is used to determine a snow-day. If today didn't qualify for one, what does?"

    We forwarded Winters’ question to Richland School District.

    The district replied with an official statement:

    In the Richland School District, transportation staff members drive roads in all areas of the district to assess them after a winter weather event. In addition, maintenance staff assess conditions at our schools. Their input, along with other factors and weather forecasts, help us determine whether schools should be delayed or canceled. The district supports any family’s decision to not send their child to school because of weather conditions. Those students can receive an excused absence when they return to school if they bring a signed note.

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