Southridge senior chosen for Macy's parade band

Southridge senior chosen for Macy's parade band

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- A Southridge High School senior is headed to New York City Saturday, she was selected to be part of the Great American Marching Band in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

For Cameron Phillips color guard is a family tradition. She follows her mom and three sisters in the sport, and is captain of the Southridge color guard team.

"I always wanted to go to New York, ever since I was little and my older sisters did Macy's and I was like, I want to go too," says Cameron.

The marching band is a tradition, made up of the top high school music students from every state in the union.

Cameron sent in an audition tape last spring, but her mom discovered it was too late. But then, a month later she got word they'd made a spot for her.

"They opened it up for her, after it was closed, so it is just incredible that she was able to get in," says mom, Jill.

It will be an early wake up call, Cameron has to be in place and ready to go at one in the morning on Thanksgiving.

She and about 250 other kids have four days to rehearse together in a huge armory in New Jersey before Thursday's parade. "Everyone is really good and they were chosen for a reason, so we can do it," says Cameron.

Cameron is the fourth in her family to be chosen for the Great American Marching Band. She's been fundraising since her freshman year in hopes she too, would make the cut.

"I've always watched the Macy's parade and even before my older sisters did it I was like it would be so cool to just go and see it but now I actually get to be in it and it's really cool."

Cameron's mom and one of her older sisters are going to New York City with her. Jill Phillips says she'll be on the parade route by 4:30 in the morning to make sure she gets a glimpse of her daughter.

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