Spike in car crashes at busy Richland intersection

    Spike in crashes at the intersection of Queensgate and Keene.

    RICHLAND, Wash.-- No, you're not imagining it.

    There have been more accidents lately at the intersection of Queensgate and Keene in Richland

    There have been roughly 10 crashes, in just three months.

    The traffic engineer for the City of Richland says there's been a slight increase since the city made changes as part of the Queensgate project.

    One of those changes is a yellow flashing light at the busy intersection.

    It gives drivers the option to turn left on the yellow flashing light, but they have to yield and many drivers are *not* yielding.

    City of Richland Traffic Engineer John Deskins says, “Make sure if you are turning on a flashing yellow, that you don't just follow the car in front of you. Make sure you have a good gap as well. "

    Deskins also wants to remind drivers, you *can* legally pull out across the stop bar a little bit.

    That 20 feet can make your turn easier.

    Deskins says they'll keep an eye on this intersection, and if the pattern of crashes continues, they have some modifications they would consider.

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