State findings show Pasco daycare not responsible for children eyebrow waxing

State findings say Pasco daycare not responsible for children eyebrow waxing

PASCO, Wash. - Results in the investigation of a daycare after two moms claimed the facility waxed their children’s eyebrows reveal the daycare was not responsible in these incidents.

Mothers Alyssa Salgado and Glenda Maria Cruz pulled their children out of a Boys and Girls Club daycare at the Columbia Basin College campus more than two months ago, accusing the Pasco daycare of waxing their children’s eyebrows back in early February.

The Washington State Department of Early Learning (DEL) picked up the investigation.

The department released their findings Friday, April 20, stating there was no evidence a child had their eyebrows waxed at the facility.

Frank Ordway, Assistant Director of Government and Community Relations for the DEL said, “We have determined that there is no valid complaints and there’s no indication of anything that put children in danger or treated them in any negative way at all at the center."

Executive Director of Boys and Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties Brian Ace said he is pleased the investigation was done. "We’re confident moving forward that we have a great quality program to serve the parents of our community,” he said.

One of the mothers, Alyssa Salgado, said she personally feels the department didn't do enough investigation, "especially with their staff members, really trying to figure out what really happened and why my daughter came home like that.” She also adds that money was never her goal.

Ordway says their investigations typically take about 30 days. However, this investigation took more time to complete to allow the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services to conduct their own investigation as well.

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