Storing something in Umatilla County? Police want you to make sure it's still there

Hermiston Police are getting creative because they want folks to come claim their stuff.

UMATILLA COUNTY, Ore. — If you have a storage unit in Hermiston or Umatilla County but haven't actually looked inside it since Christmas, Police are begging you to.

Hermiston Police said they still have about 90 percent of things recovered from a string of storage unit burglaries in the area and they want it gone.

A city ordinance only requires holding it for 30 days but Chief Jason Edmiston said they'd like it all to go back to the rightful owners, so they're waiting until mid-June.

They're asking folks to go check their storage units and actually look inside, because thieves were cutting the locks and cleaning everything out before using a new lock to cover their tracks.

If you or anyone you know learns you're one of the victims, Hermiston Police are asking you not to go straight to the their office because they need you to make a report first.

To file a report

  • City of Hermiston: (541) 567-5519
  • Umatilla County: (541) 966-3650, option 1
  1. Contact the law enforcement agency serving the area where the unit is.
  2. Make a report. Provide list of stolen property, including detailed description, serial numbers, owner-applied numbers, or unique markings.
  3. Request that agency forward you list to Hermiston Police Officer Tim Miears so he can compare the list to their catalog of recovered items.

Due to the high-volume of property, Officer Miears can only show the property by appointment. Once your report is filed, contact him to set up an appointment.

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