Stray bullet pierces home's ceiling, narrowly missing Kennewick woman

Stray bullet pierces home's ceiling, narrowly missing Kennewick woman

A Kennewick couple is counting their blessings today after a random bullet pierced through the ceiling of their home, narrowly missing a woman sitting at the computer.

Homeowner Dennis Duncan says it happened Friday night as his wife sat in their home office.

Duncan says they contacted police, but admits it's not likely they'll ever find out where the bullet came from.

He says he was in the other room when he heard the bullet crack through the house and he worried his wife had dropped something.

The former home inspector says he's grateful it only damaged shingles, wood and sheet-rock.

"We're Christians and we know we were being looked after, because it was close. I mean this. was. close," he sighed. "We feel blessed, you know, even a rock wouldn't have done that."

Kennewick police says the bullet was fired from a rifle.

They want folks to remember it's illegal to discharge a firearm within city limits, even if you're just shooting into the air, because what goes up must come down.

The officer said the Duncans are lucky, because as their ceiling shows, somebody could get seriously hurt.

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