Student allegedly brings taser to Richland school, in custody

Student allegedly brings taser to Richland school, in custody

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Police took a 13-year-old middle school student into custody after they said he brought a taser to school.

[Update, 5:35 p.m., Tuesday]

Police said the boy was upset about a romantic break-up and threatened several other students at Carmichael Middle School.

A school administrator pulled him out of class when they heard about the threats and found a taser in his locker that police said he's had for several days.

"As soon as you learn something, it's so important to contact school officials or someone from the police department,” Captain Mike Cobb said. “Whether you're a parent or a student, I’m really glad that the students went to their parents and communicated this concern with them. Because it was very legitimate."

Captain Cobb said investigators are interviewing the student and he's been emergency expelled.

---End of Update---

RICHLAND, Wash. - School administrators say a student is in custody after bringing a taser to school.

Action News has learned a student brought a taser to Carmichael Middle School in Richland, Tuesday morning.

School administrators called police when they learned of the taser on school grounds.

It is not confirmed if the school went into a lockdown at the time of this incident.

The student has been taken into custody and there is no threat to the school at this time.

Richland police are at the school investigating.

This is a developing story. Information will be updated as available.

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